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I feel like I am getting old – there is “nothing good” on TV, the movies lately are uninspiring, and the music is just too loud (you can’t even hear the words – but don’t get me started).

I only really watch two shows consistently now: House and Monk – two shows that are the last names of great leading characters (ok, an occasional episode of “Smarter than a 5th grader” or “Don’t forget the lyrics.” and a few quarters of College Football).

So the real question is, are there any new shows this fall that are worth watching?  Worth adding to an already crowded schedule.

I clearly like mysteries, drama and action – with some comedy thrown in for laughs.

So what are the fall options?  Are there any recommendations?

I did catch “Chuck” and “Journeyman” this week, and while Chuck has some potential, I think Journeyman is DOA.  With Chuck I liked the idea of a lonely Macintosh SE/30 sitting in a closed room somewhere and bringing all the secrets of the government (and universe?) together in watermarked images that when viewed in rapid succession transferred all the knowledge directly into the mind of the watcher for later search and retrieval (and why is the CIA killing off the NSA agents (and vice versa?)). I imagine every poor “Geek Squad” and “Firedog” worker this week is getting a real ribbing over their “new superhero show”.  Maybe it won’t be so great after all.  I’ll give Chuck a second chance, but Journeyman is not getting a Season Pass.

There is “Bionic Woman” which I don’t understand because all the stuff in the original series is almost a reality already (ooh mechanical arms that respond to your own bodies impulses and are stronger than the original limbs – I think that’s on the Discovery Channel, not science fiction).  Even a “web cam” with 25x zoom replacing an eyeball is not too far a stretch in the age of 20MP cameras and HDTV.  They’ll have to take a different slant with it – hope its not just like a bad Comcast commercial (i.e. fill the Bionic Woman with some “high speed” juice).

Anything I am missing?  Anything new?  Anything old, worth revisiting?