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Sure it is a really neat example of modern development and user interface, but it is also a really nice program.  I tried it out for 20 minutes or so and had my entire extended family in (as much as I could remember).  Laura got a hold of it and filled in some major data back to the 1700s.  Now if it would just to the research for you. – Bruce

[Link – Genealogy made easy – Announcing Family.Show 2.0 – Walzenbach / MSDN Blogs]

Family.Show is a genealogy program that demonstrates the usage of WPF for a complex, realistic scenario. If you're a fledgling WPF developer who wants to pore over some code that demonstrates best practices for application construction, there's nothing better out there today.

If you've not yet tried out Family.Show, you can run it from here:

Sources are availible from here:

Have fun!