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You have to admit this is clever – probably gets old on day #2, but still helps you remember to live in the present – Bruce

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NOW Watch

We knew it was destined for greatness the second it popped it’s shiny little face onto ThisNext. It was unique, new, inspired and completely undiscovered, just what we love so we honored it in our daily email and now the internet is all atwitter trying to decide, do they or, don’t they, like it? What is it? It’s NOW, by Morgan Bennett.

You said it “teaches you to live in the moment. It’s inspirational,” we said, “The simple statement is a reminder to you live in the moment,” and now Oh Gizmo! said it’s “the most accurate time piece ever invented,” Shiny Shiny said it’s “so post-post-post-modern,” and Gizmodo said, “You can’t argue with its correctitude.”