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I have to admit the geek in me thought immediately of how the Wii remote could be used as a cheap 3-axis bluetooth-enabled accelerometer.   Until now such a thing would cost more than the cost of an entire Wii system (and double for the software to process the data).  Now this can be done on the cheap.

I personally think that an accelerometer should be in all driver's-ed cars to help teach new drivers about their acceleration curves, and how to start, stop, and turn without exceeding a certain number of "Gs" or have too much "jerk" in their motions.

Anyway, here is a really good start … – Bruce Measure your 0-60 time with a Wiimote

Measure your 0-60 time with a Wiimote


Here's how you can use the Wiimote's built-in accelerometers to measure your ride's G forces and 0-60 time:

I got this idea after seeing some physics class use the wiimote in some kinda pendulum experiment.

Why not use the wiimote's built in 3-axis accelerometers to measue g-forces, acceleration and even calculate my own 0-60mph times!

So I did. I wrote a script to dump all the g-force readings from the wiimote to a comma separated value file, then did some post processing in MS Excel, and voila, I can see every bump, every curve, my acceleration and braking, and even calculated my current speed using high school physics (v=a*t)


I wonder how much weight you could strip off this thing to get it to its bare essentials. A LiPo battery a gumstix board and maybe this could be extended to model rocketry or autonomous helicopter applications.

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