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Many folks find themselves nowadays having to learn something new nearly every day – so keeping your brain in working order is quite important.  Over at “SharpBrains” they have a number of great recommendations.  I know first hand how much better on a day when you are following one (or most) of these.  Below are a few of their ideas – follow the link for the full article.  I can testify first-hand that a day when you eat right, get active (even for a short time), learn or hear about something new, and/or have a great conversation with friends, this is a good day for new and creative ideas. – Bruce

[Link – The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains – Alvaro / SharpBrains]

  • Take care of your nutrition. Did you know that the brain only weights 2% of body mass but consumes over 20% of the oxygen and nutrients we intake? As a general rule, you don’t need expensive ultra-sophisticated nutritional supplements, just make sure you don’t stuff yourself with the “bad stuff”.
  • Remember that the brain is part of the body. Things that exercise your body can also help sharpen your brain: physical exercise enhances neurogenesis.
  • Thrive on Learning and Mental Challenges. The point of having a brain is precisely to learn and to adapt to challenging new environments. Once new neurons appear in your brain, where they stay in your brain and how long they survive depends on how you use them. “Use It or Lose It” does not mean “do crossword puzzle number 1,234,567”. It means, “challenge your brain often with fundamentally new activities”. 
  • Don’t Outsource Your Brain. Not to media personalities, not to politicians, not to your smart neighbour… Make your own decisions, and mistakes. And learn from them. That way, you are training your brain, not your neighbour’s.
  • Develop and maintain stimulating friendships. We are “social animals”, and need social interaction. Which, by the way, is why ‘Baby Einstein’ has been shown not to be the panacea for children development.
  • Laugh. Often. Especially to cognitively complex humor, full of twists and surprises. Better, try to become the next John Stewart.