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I’ll be the first to admit when I am wrong.  There is a laptop (coming) with similar specs to my quad-core desktop.  It even has 30% more disk space, and a second NVidia graphics card (I only have one).  Sure it’ll set you aside $10k, and a mini-fusion reactor to power while mobile, but it is “possible”.  I could have 44-cores for that at home – oooh mini super-computer grid 🙂  – Bruce

[Link – Laptops: Quad-Core Laptops Coming, Costs $10,000+ Fully Loaded – Jason Chen / Gizmodo]


Not quite as groundbreaking as Wang Computers’ word processor, XtremeNotebooks is offering the first Quad-Core Intel processors in laptops at a price of over $10,000 per unit fully stocked. The XTreme 917 has a Core 2 Quad Q6000 processor with dual NVidia processors and almost 1TB of hard drive space, which means that unless this has a car battery inside, you’ll be looking at some dismal on-the-go use life. [XtremeNotebooks via PRNewswire via Wired]