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OK, for those brave enough to have moved to Windows Vista, and had some of the more noteworthy issues with it, they announced today on the Windows Vista Blog that there will be a beta of Vista SP1 out in the next few weeks, and that it will be ready for mass consumption in the spring (after everyone buys new computers and laptops for Christmas).  So now you have to ask yourself – Do I (1) wait until spring to move up to Vista and then install SP1, (2) go to Vista now and wait for the final service pack in spring, or (3) install the beta Vista SP1 when it comes out (probably more stable even in beta than the current Vista).

I’m going with super-secret option #4 – wait a week or so after the beta is released and then upgrade (near the end of September probably).  I’ll do a good backup and report back on what I find ….