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In September, Mac Fowler asked “I wonder how many mouse clicks there are across the world per day?” – a Random thought, sure, but valid.  So many questions are unanswerable, but the impact of the mouse (which was invented in many/most of our lifetimes) can not be minimized.  How to approach the answer scientifically?

So I can not speak for “the world”, but I can for myself.  To get some data I downloaded a copy of “MouseCount” by Michael Dean and ran it through the month of October.  I now have data to report, but before you look, try to guess.  I work with computers pretty much all day during the week – how many clicks per day, how many days in October … I’d make this a contest but I don’t have any decent prizes (bag of Cub Scout popcorn?).

So, I personally added 91,728 mouse clicks to the world in October 2007.  More than I expected.  Use your mouse to highlight the number above to see how close you were. 

That’s about 500 per hour, just over 8 per minute, as an average.  October was a very typical month for me, so I consider this experiment concluded.  One more of life’s mysteries solved.