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Advice from Bill Gates is worth noting – full link / transcript below – here are the highlights.

  1. "Working knowledge of productivity software" – I'll buy that, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, e-mail, etc. (yes I know that's what he sells)
  2. "Good background in math and science" – Of course 🙂
  3. "Communication skills" – Yes
  4. "Ability to work well with different types of people" – Important
  5. "Innovation requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas" – And creativity (the only surprise for me was he didn't mention creativity)
  6. "Passion for ongoing learning" – I like how he puts that one, you are never "done" learning
  7. "Curiosity about the world" – Nice.  How do you encourage someone to be curious?

Not an exhaustive list, but sure reads like many of the questions we use for interviewing new team members.

BBC NEWS | Business | Bill Gates: The skills you need to succeed