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Christmas was really great this year – I’ll probably post more on that soon (not a quick post) – but I wanted to get this out there if anyone is doing any returns/exchanges or has after-Christmas purchases to make.

We had a variety of “typical” presents this year (e.g. rollerblades, musical instruments, NXT, etc.) but the real “surprise hit” was this goofy-looking ball that makes ice cream if you play with it for 30 minutes.  You put ice (or snow) with rock-salt in one side, and your basic ice-cream recipe in the other side (vanilla in our case), tighten the lid(s), and roll it around for 15 minutes.  Then drain off some water, add new ice/snow, scrape down the sides of the ice cream container, and then roll it around for another 15 minutes or so.  Then you drain out the water/ice/snow/salt solution and have about 1 quart of surprisingly good ice cream to share (perfect for the 5 of us).

We got the quart-sized blue ball, but I hear they have a bigger sized red “Mega” ball now. But I wouldn’t go any bigger unless you need to.  This was a good size (and weight) for them to roll around (never kick) and with a decent amount of ice cream at the end.  I imagine this would be great for camping as well.

 UCO Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker – 1 pint – Blue