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jeffdaniels_ So I’ve wanted to try out a “non-DRM” music purchase on Amazon to see how it works.  I have purchased several iTunes albums and singles that are forever lost in iTunes-limbo because I did not de-authorize and re-authorize computers (or burn them to CD) correctly.  I have a media server in the house and several iPods and would like to be able to listen to my music where I want to.  I also want to pay for the music I listen to often – pay a fair price.

So my first “One-Click MP3 Album” purchase is Jeff Daniels, Live and Unplugged.  At work, Kevin had been playing some of the tracks from Jeff’s albums and they really resonated with me – I like folk music, funny music, and have grown up in Michigan – so it is all good.  I have relatives up north and have nearly experienced scenes from Escanaba in da Moonlight.

So try out some samples online, you might just like tunes like “If William Shatner Can, I Can Too”,  “The Lifelong Tiger Fan Blues”, “If I Weren’t So Stupid, You Wouldn’t Be So Smart”, or even a more thoughtful piece in “Michigan, My Michigan”.

Oh, and if you buy it DRM-free you can listen to it on your iPod, in Media Player on your PC, stream it to your TiVo, or rip it to a CD if that’s your thing.  And the artist (and in this case a charity) get the money for their work.  It’s all good.