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If you care about LEGOs and/or Halo you might read the links to this story first before proceeding …..


OK, still here – you can always tell a great joke when (1) a person (or persons) really falls for it hard, and (2) it is pretty harmless and in good fun – this one is/was both.  But what I am wondering is, has an April fools gag ever gone on to be actually true?  I mean the reason people fell for this (and I was starting to believe it as well) is that making a LEGO Halo game would be an awesome idea.

Forget the fact that they are completely different audiences (kids vs. adults) and come from game publishers that are in direct competition.  Mixing "M-rated" content from a game into the LEGO world would probably never happen – they had to take all the bad guys out of the Raiders of the Lost Ark series, for example.  So you’d have to suspend all reason to make this work, but it would be cool.  Especially if it was as well done as the Star Wars LEGO games.

April issue of EGM reveals Bungie’s next project: Lego Halo – Joystiq