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This will be brief, it is my first attempt at typing in 4 days or so, but I wanted to get a quick post out to give anyone who wanted more details on my “adventure” some info, and to practice using my left hand more because that will be key to me getting back to a normal day’s work.

On Tuesday after work, I drove home and parked in the driveway as usual, but then I decided to get the garbage can at the end of the driveway.  We had gotten about an inch or two of new snow, but that is pretty normal.  Unfortunately at the end of the driveway the snow was on top of some ice – but also, not that strange.  With ice under snow, I got close to the garbage can when both feet flew out from under me at the same time, so I was going down – fast.  I think I instinctually threw out my arm to catch myself and not land on my head and I heard a pop and felt some pain, but really didn’t know exactly what had happened.  I was now laying in the snow on my back “snow angel” style.  I decided to try to roll over and pick myself up.

In my mind, both of my arms were above my head, but as I rolled over I saw my left arm sitting beside me – this is probably one of the weirdest sensations I have ever felt.  My arm was were it was not “supposed to be” and when I told the hand to open and shut, it did, but it was very “wrong” and my arm was “waggling”.  Trying to move my arm was pointless as it was going whatever way it wanted to and hurt more than anything  I can remember.

This is a photo from Flickr – not mine – I don’t have any but I will try to get some.  This is also a woman’s arm, but it comes closest on a short search to what I remember them showing me.


So the problem was my humerus bone was basically sheered in two and one of the broken sides was jabbed into my bicep muscle.

Long story short; got to ER, x-rays, can’t cast a transverse break, 24 hours later, 10″ steel plate attached with 7 screws on the bone having to tear some more muscle to attach the plate (but this should heal). Day and a half of recovery in the hospital and now I am home.

Good news is my wrist and fingers are working very well considering.  The break was within a half-inch of where the nerves attach to operate the upper arm – that could have been much worse.  My tricep muscle is progressing and I can move my arm back and forth.

Unfortunately my bicep will need some therapy and it may be months before it is back to function.  I can’t lift my arm right now and need a splint or a strap to move it around.

I have a cool scar – about 10 inches long with 40 or so staples right now – looks like a bicep zipper without the zipper part. I will be going in in 10 days to have a follow up appointment and make plans for further therapy.

There are more details, but they aren’t as relevant (and kind of gross) and I am done with this first typing practice.

Thanks for all the prayers, notes and e-mails – they are a great encouragement.